wow 28-12-17

Getting into college is a big deal

Some people might laugh at you going to college, cause life on the street is all they need to know to survive and build a...

wow 28-12-17

Using Virtual Reality to get out of prison

Stepping into the real world whilst you've spent 25 years behind bars in a federal prison can be daunting. It's easier to step into a virtual...

lol 28-12-17

News Bloopers Of he Year 2017

Live means that you're on the spot, reporting the news and viewers want that. Live also means that shit can go wrong. Which viewers also...

wow 28-12-17

Merry Skidmas

With autonomous cars on the way we best enjoy the freedom to drive how we want to while we still can. Even if that means...

lol 27-12-17

When karma bites you in the ass. Literally.

This asshole tried to kick a stray dog on a beach, but his buddies wouldn't have it.

wow 27-12-17

Russian steel worker and his party trick

Russians like their drink, but it is best to leave the stuff alone when you work in a steel plant. Not sure if this guy...

wtf 27-12-17

Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles looks fun

The city of Los Angeles is best known for Hollywood and the glitz and glamour it brings. However, while some are lording it up over...

wow 27-12-17

Alan McSmith stares down an elephant

Elephants get pretty big and they get pretty scary too when you come face to face with them without the comfort of a big fence...