wow 09-11-17

Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Concept

Holy batshit, this car is insane. Designed for the next millenium, this Lambo is an all electric, lightweight bomb on wheels..

wow 03-11-17

Hennessey Venom F5 has 1600bhp

Hennessey has just launched it’s new Venom F5 and it’s a Bugatti killer. 100bhp and a top speed of 301mph make this the...

wow 26-10-17

The Apollo Intensa Emozione Supercar

Holy batshit. This thing looks insane, but I love it. The price tag is $2.7 million, but you get a 780PS, 0-62mph in 2.7 secs and...

wtf 25-10-17

GRAPHIC: Indonesian villages pit wild boars against dogs

A gory fight to the death between snarling dogs and captured wild boars. Gathered around a bamboo-walled arena, Indonesians in this remote part of Java...

wow 20-09-17

The Dadbag

You've seen the bumbag, mostly on the elderly, but the future is here. The Dadbag. Simply genius.

wow 12-09-17

Mercedes AMG Project One concept

Mercedes is jumping on the hypercar bandwagon with it's Formula One inspired Project One. The car is able to go head to head with the...

lol 06-09-17

When your crap won’t flush during a date

This story about a Tinder date gone wrong is all over the internet today. It's just funny as fuck. While at her Tinder date's house...

wow 05-09-17

Burning Man 2017 in 112 awesome photos

The Burning Man festival in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada is the world's most creative festival. You need to be creative to get there...