lol 06-09-17Willy

When your crap won’t flush during a date

This story about a Tinder date gone wrong is all over the internet today. It's just funny as fuck. While at her Tinder date's house a lady from Bristol needed to take a crap. She went to the toilet and tried to flush the bad boy. but it wouldn't Her solution was to pick it up and throw it out of the window.

Unfortunately for her this went wrong too and the crap dropped in between two windows. She tried to reach it but couldn't, so she did the manly thing and fessed up to her date. They devised a way to remove the smelly poo from in between the windows, but this went wrong too. The women fell head first down the windows and got stuck.
The fire brigade was called, a window broken and a lady and piece of poo removed. The only really damage was to her ego, but the crappy couple of since been on a second date. No word on anal.

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